Noa Shalom

Noa Shalom

Noa Shalom


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Finding the right idea, writing a script, creating a storyboard and finding the best way to tell a story.


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Creating style frames, selecting colors, compositing, frame design, character design, illustration of icons, backgrounds, texts and more.


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Making things come to life with 2d after effects animation, stop motion and classic animation.


I'm Noa, a designer, illustrator, animator and art director.

I have a bachelor's degree in visual communications, specializing in motion graphics (Shenkar 2013).

I live in Rishpon and share my home studio with a parrot and a dog.

My inspiration comes from observing nature, people and the small things that surround us in our daily life.

I work as a freelancer in animation studios and production houses as well as providing close accompaniment to private clients and production of animation clips from the inception stage until the final product.

I specialize in creative, design, illustration of figures, production of clips for companies, advertising, television, internet, start-ups, exhibitions and all that it takes!


What does it mean and who needs it?


Freelance in
Studios and Production houses

Art Director, Storyboard artist, Designer, Illustrator and 2D animator in "After effect" program

Experience in multi-integration in existing teams.

As a freelance, I can contribute my experience in existing platforms and work closely with a diverse group of talented people in the  television, advertising and big companies in Israel and internationally.

Production of Animated clips

Assisting Businesses, startups and private clients to tell their story in the best visual way  to attract and be of interest

Closely escorting the client through the development of a clip through the various stages in a pleasant, organized and creative process.  As a producer of unique animated clips, I create Product videos, promotional clips, marketing videos for applications, explainers and more

Consulting, Guidance and Teaching

In the fields of animation, creative, scripts for clips, teaching software and organized work processes.

The process of developing an animated clip is one that is built on various stages that rest upon each other. The consultation process means that I assist in "organizing" and identifying the best material for inclusion and, together, we work in order to consolidate time and resources.

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